Want to Annoy Someone With Kids

If you have someone, say a brother or sister who was mean to you when you were little.  Well guess what, now that you’re big and they have kids of their own, it’s your chance to get even. 

Keep in mind that the list of goodies here is all under $50.00 and much of it is well under that price.  It’s the most fun you can have for $50 just about anywhere. 

The best part is that the kids will love you.  You will quickly become the most popluar cousin, aunt, uncle, etc.  The parents who tormented you as a child…well, that’s just priceless.

On that note (*snicker*), I highly recommend the following toys for any birthday, christmas, christening, or any other gift giving occasion:

  1. The Band In a Bucket
  2. Bird’s the Word Elmo
  3. Finger Paints
  4. Lite Brite
  5. The 100 Marker Set
  6. Electric Guitar
  7. Strobe Spinner
  8. Marching Band Kit
  9. Elmo Toy Cell Phone
  10. Toy Piano

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