Male In-DUH-viduals

Ok, I know that I’m usually PG or so, but today we have to cover an adult topic.  Kids, cover your eyes or go read Dr Seuss or pester your siblings. 

With that out of the way, we can proceed.  Why is it that men seem to think that they can alter the shape, size, texture or whatever of a woman’s boobs by physically manipulating them? 

Rule #1 – They do not “tune in”. 

Rule #2 – They do not inflate, at least if they’re real ones.  Even if they’re fake, the doctor has to inflate them and it requires a hypodermic needle – a nice long one, too. 

Rule #3 – They do not come off.  Yes, they are attached and we’d prefer to keep them that way.  You guys have a couple of things you feel the same way about. 


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