Law Enforcement Lamers

Well, it seems that the police department in Louisville, Kentucky has decided that they need to investigate local prostitutes and massage parlors.  Sounds good on the surface right?  Well, it’s really not.  You see they decided to “investigate” by sampling the wares.  They went “undercover” and paid for various sex acts.  Instead of doing the honorable thing and stopping the “investigation” before consumating the bargin, they made their arrests afterward. This “investigation” went on for 8 years but only managed to arrest 105 people. The total cost for all this – in the millions of dollars.  Nice to know that police in Louisville are getting a nooner on the tax payers dime. 

Now if I were living in Louisville, KY, I’d be one really unhappy tax payer.  This isn’t the first problem that they’ve faced though.  They’ve already fired one police cheif for awarding a medal of valor to two officers who shot an unarmed man. Niiiiice place to live.  Now, how can I go about getting my mother-in-law a condo there?