Parental In-DUH-viduals

I’m on the train coming home from work with a woman I really wanted to physically abuse.  She gets on the train with 2 or 3 year old toddler and another kid that’s about a year old.  The brat in the stroller, the little one, sits there and screams at the top of his lungs during the whole train trip home because she won’t take him out of the stroller.  All she does is sit there, poking the kid in the stomach with her finger, “Awwww, Jason you’re soooo angry.”  The only silence on the 40 minute train ride was when the kid was inhaling, preparing for the next ear-splitting scream.  

Since she wasn’t in my seating area, I fired up my noise cancelling headphones and music.  When I went to get off the train,she didn’t appear to getting ready to get off.  There were a few passengers waiting to board, so I mentioned to them  that they might want to sit in a car that doesn’t come with a screaming baby.  This woman had the never to get off the train and actually say something to be about telling people to sit elsewhere to be away from her kid.

I realize that parents think that their kid is the most awesome, cutest, precious thing on the planet.  However, I have a message for you parents out there.  THE REST OF US DON’T CARE AND YOUR KID ISN’T ALL THAT CUTE!  In all probablity, your kid is a pain in someone’s a$$.  Kindly keep that in mind when you have your kid out in public. 


One thought on “Parental In-DUH-viduals

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Personally, I loathe parents and kids when they’re in public because:1) The kids are almost always out of control.2) The parents do nothing to pacify/discipline them.3) Parents, when out with their kids, turn in to increadibly obnoxious people. If something happens that involves their kid and ends up with said offspring bawling, it’s always your fault despite you completely minding your own business.4) Mothers with pushchairs insist on travelling in convoys, abreast of each other, taking up the entire pavement while walking increadibly slowly.There are more reasons but they don’t immediately spring to mind.

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