In-DUH-viduals At School

We had a local incident here where one high school student tried to poison another.  Why, you ask.  What drives teens to such drastic action?  Well, it seems that the poisoner wanted the lead in the school play and felt that the poisonee was likely to get it. 

What kind of thought process makes someone think that’s a good idea?  Do you just wake up in the morning thinking, “I know.  I’ll put bleach in her soda, she’ll die and I’ll have the lead in the school play.  Peachy!”???  If you, do I really want you in my neighborhood?  Does anyone else trust you to function as a member of society?

The poisoner is “now at an alternative school” since the poisonee smelled the bleach before drinking the soda.  Frankly, I think that it should be treated as attempted murder.


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