Neighborhood In-DUH-viduals

We have an elderly gentleman that lives next door to us.  He’s about 83 or 84 years old.  For the purposes here, will just call him Steve.  Steve just got out of the hospital from having heart surgery and a pacemaker implanted.  The last thing this man needs is stress.  Well, he comes by yesterday to ask us if we can help him set up a home security system.  It seems that the family that moved in behind him has an unruly child.  The child has been climbing on his back fence and has pulled several boards loose from his brand new (not even 6 months old) fence.  This has allowed the rather small dog from the family behind him to find it’s way into his back yard.

Steve did what any normal person would do.  He walked around, knocked on the door, and spoke to the mother.  He asked her to keep the child off the fence and explained that he has a rather large hunting dog.  He told her that he was afraid that if their dog kept coming into his backyard that his dog would kill their dog.  The woman’s response was to become angry and ask Steve if he was threatening her.  Steve became upset and left.

Now instead of dealing with this in a nice neighborly way, Steve is going to be running motion sentive camera that will film the child committing vandalism.  He’s going to be calling animal control to come get the dog every time it comes into his yard.  He’s going to be billing the family for the repairs to his fence.  If they aren’t careful, he’ll end up owning the house the just bought.  Sadly, this is a bunch of hassle and stress this man does not need.


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