Dick Cheney shoots staff member of the Texas AG

Let me just open this by saying that the fact that the three most powerful men in the country are named Bush, Dick, and Colon is, in a way a I can’t quite define, horribly disturbing.  Now, we’ve had the whole thing with Tom Delay.  The Attorney General’s office here in Texas has filed charges against the former Republican House majority leader. 

Now I find it a bit disturbing that the vice president of the US has accidentally shot a staff member of the Texas Attorney General’s office. 

Best Case Scenario – Despite the top notch health care that he’s had access to, he’s either mentally or visually impaired. 

If he’s mentally impaired, what’s he doing as the VP? 

If he’s visually imparied, surely he can afford some freaking glasses?

Worst Case Scenario –

He’s trying to kill this guy to stop the AG from prosecuting Tom DeLay.


The vice president didn’t have a hunting license.  I didn’t know attorney was in season!


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