Bacon, Bacon, Who’s Got the Bacon

One of our local disk jockies has an unusual problem. He moved from his previous neighborhood because of gang activity.  Mind you, this man has a wife and small child.  They felt threatened so they found a new home far way in what was supposed to be peace and quite.  He moves “out to the country” to get away from all the urban B.S. only to find that his new neighborhood is being ravaged by feral pigs.

While this may seem amusing, this is a serious life-and-death kind of problem.  Feral pigs routinely reach 300-500 lbs each and his family is being terrorized by a whole herd of them – 8 – 12 strong.  I don’t know how many of you are familiar with boars, hogs, and such, but let me assure you – THEY WILL EAT YOU.  Kinda gives you a whole new perspective on your morning bacon!  Not to mention the human’s place in the food chain.

Now, since he has a wife and small child, they are especially vulnerable.  He’s appealed to the local authorities for assistance, only to be told that he’s not allowed to harm the pigs.  Rather than doing something to actually help the man, the In-DUH-viduals in charge have decreed that the pigs must be protected.  Figures that the police would protect their own   Anyway, he’s been told to build a 20 foot by 40 foot enclosure to trap them.   I fail to see why the local animal control doesn’t round these things up, issue a special hunting permit, or some other practical solution. 

Me – I have more practical, and tasty ideas which involve me, a stout
tree, and a high powered rifle followed up by a long session with the
BBQ grill and a toothpick.   It’s not like they are endangered species or anything.  These are hogs that have escaped from a farm.  Bacon, anyone?