In-DUH-viduals Behind the Wheel

I didn’t post Thursday because my life was still a bit of a mess from Wednesday night.  You see a certain in-DUH-vidual decided that they would park their tour bus on the train tracks downtown. 

Now, this person got a ticket the first time and was made to move their bus.  The second time, which was only an hour later, the train was unable to stop before hitting the bus.  It’s an absolute testament to the folks that built the bus that only two people were injured and they had minor injuries. 

Considering that the bus load of elderly Katrina evacuees burned to death recently due to an in-DUH-vidual behind the wheel (riding the brake until it caught on fire & subsequently caught the rest of the bus on fire for those you who haven’t followed that particular story), I’m beginning to think that we need to raise the bar on obtaining the necessary licensing to drive busses.