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I’d like to take a moment here to point out that I’ve gone out of my way not link back to any of the parties involved or to provide their names.  That said, I’m posting an answer to some of the comments that I received. 

Now these photos come directly off one of the xanga’s involved and once again, I’ve gone out of my way not to link back to anyone or to name names.  Now, I invite you, my readers to vote on this.  As my disclaimer, I have not taken these photos or edited these photos in any way nor am I responsible for their content. 

If you see a photo of a girl with the tongue suggestively close to another girl’s mouth or another photo of girls laying on top of other girls, is your impression that it’s “lesbian” in nature or not?

If you see a photo of two girls kissing the same guy or another photo of the two girls sharing gum with the same guy, is your impression that they’re engaging in “hanky-panky” or not? 

My point behind all this, especially if you had read my entry about slutty clothing, is that you need to be aware of the impressions you create.  In this case, you seem to be upset because it’s been rather forcibly pointed out to you that the impression is not a good one. 


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  1. I personally find the pictures to be relatively innocent, except perhaps for the first one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking sides here but the rest just seem to me to be just a few kids messing around.With that said, I would like to comment on the comments you received about yesterday’s post:”crimson_tears_001“: I don’t expect that it was morrighu’s intention to be mean but to instead relay her thoughts and, to some extent, her fears with regards to the perceived immoral behaviour of someone so young. Why were you brought in to it? Simply because you were a participant in what ever activities were actually going on in the pictures. Incidentally, slader is spoken. It is ‘libel’ that is written but since everything contained in this blog is morrighu’s opinion and not necessarily intended to be factual, it is not libellous.”FallToPeices“: Again, everything written is morrighu’s opinion on what she perceived as a result of viewing your blog/pictures/videos/whatever. I can’t help but wonder, though, why you are so very defensive about things that are supposedly innocent? Regardless of what ever the answer may be, it was completely unnecessary to call morrighu names and insult her. You have clearly demonstrated the same immaturity you have accused others of lacking.

  2. Richard, maybe you really should have checked out the video and then you probably wouldn’t think so much of this was innocent.  The girl in the video did a “rap” in retaliation of my daughter trying to make her understand that making out with 3 different boys in one day is trashy and my daughter said she was being a whore.  Well, nowhere in their conversation was I involved but the video was very much SLANDER as it was spoken word and I became involved.  According to the “rapper”, my daughter needs deoderant like her dad needs balls and I need knee pads because I am a professional whore and every night, I am on all fours.  Words like b*tch and f*ck came rolling out of this “innocent” girls mouth.  I at 38, don’t talk the trash that this kid does – nor have I ever been a whore – professional or not!  My daughter is raised with morals. What she chooses to do or say around her friends is her business but if SHE EVER called one of her friends mothers a WHORE, I would BEAT HER @$$!  When that beating was over, I would let the mom she called the name beat her @$$ next!  Funny thing about this situation, the girl that did the taping got in trouble because I was able to get in touvh with her mom.  The “rapper”, well, conviently her mother is always at work or her phone is off the hook.  I did get a few words with this child myself, but between the uncontrollable sobbing and begging she was doing, I don’t think my message got across to her…sooooo…on to plan B…
    …More to come, I’m sure…

  3. If the content of the video is as you say then I suggest contacting xanga’s abuse department and have them shut down the blog, if you haven’t done so already. I’m sure personal attacks like that would not be tolerated if xanga were aware of them.

  4. Okay in the fisrt picture she was acting like she was liking my cheek but she WASNT.
    Second picture: We were all playing around and we weren’t laying on top of each other like lesbians would be doing.
    Third picture: Stephanie was not really kissing MY boyfriend. If you look closely you could tell. Besides why would I let one of my friends or anyone else kiss him?!?!? I WOULDN’T.
    Fourth picture: We have three SEPERATE pieces of gum and we’re pulling them down with SEPERATE hands too.
    So that clears up all the pictures. You don’t even know what was going on and your guesses were pretty bad.I would NEVER and I mean NEVER do anything with another girl or a 3 way.I haven’t even had sex and I’m not planning on it for a LONG time so why would I do that?Yeah I wouldn’t.And I’m NOT a lesbian and I don’t inteed on being one.Well that’s all I have to say.

  5. “okay you want to know why im being so defensive? because a bunch of middle-aged women and a man is trying to tell me that my pictures make me look like a lesbian.”I’m trying to remain neutral with respect to both sides. Like I said yesterday, I personally don’t see anything wrong with the pictures (except the first one which is a bit of grey area) and I am not attacking you for them. However, I do think you were wrong to resort to petty name-calling against morrighu when all she was doing was offering her opinion on her blog, which she is perfectly entitled to do. That’s my only beef with you.

  6. Well, here’s the deal. I picked out the tamest pictures off the xanga sites. Perhaps I should have included the ones with you humping the Christmas yard displays or deep throating the candy canes.

  7. Excuse me, BAWLING LIKE A BABY is what I meant, not sobbing.  Stephanie, I can paste the whole conversation here if you want…you know, my daughter saves them all because “I use them to fight all of her battles”, right?  Stephanie, first of all, I am a mother…mother’s protect their children from vermin.  Maybe you don’t feel that in your home and I am sorry.  I do not fight all of  her battles…unless I AM BROUGHT IN TO IT!!!  YOU brought me in to this one and yes, now it is PERSONAL.  You had no right to do what you did and now I am glad that you see how it feels. This blog does not belong to me, nor is it my statements or opinions…it belongs to someone else.  She is not protecting me – she is voicing her opinion…that is what people do.  You voiced your opinion on camera, remember?  My suggestion, drop it while you still have a butt to sit on, a phone to talk on and a computer to type on.  You said your parents would ground you from everything…wahhhh, I am so sorry…you deserve it!! 

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