“Hardcore Pimpin’ Chicks”

Ok folks, here’s the video and in case you’re wondering what this is
doing on my web site.  Let’s just call it stupidity in action.  There’s
a big back story to it which we’ll get around to in a minute.  First
off, let’s cover the backstory of “Ms. Shake Yo Moneymaker” here.  She’s a fellow Xangan, so the names have been changed to protect the stupid.  She’s a mere 13
years of age and already racking up frequent flyer miles, if you get my
drift.  Now that’s a bit unusual for kids still in Junior High.  She
also posts lesbian photos of herself and another girl on line as well
as photos that imply a three-way with their shared boyfriend.  Doesn’t she sound like the perfect friend for your daughter?

Ah, but where does the video come in you ask?  She was on line and bragging to another girl about having been with 3 guys in a matter of hours.  The girl she references in the video tried to tell her that the boys don’t respect her and that the girls don’t like her because of how she acts.  This is her reply to being told that she should, in essence, have some self-respect and start acting better.   Lead a horse to water…

If you’ll recall my previous observations about young girls in slutty clothing, well this one should get a prize.  It’s pretty easy to tell  from the way she dresses, the tinfoil “grill” on her teeth, and her mannerism that she’s going to end up barefoot, toothless, and living in a trailer in about 10 years.  The only questions about her future are how many STD’s, are any of said STD’s going to be fatal, and how many kids will be living in the trailer with her.  Ooo, wait I missed one…how many of the kids will have the same daddy or will she even know?  Since I can’t fast forward 10 years to see, we’ll just have to wait and see how Ms. Hardcore Pimpin’ Chick’s life plays out. 

Sadly, I’ve seen far too many of these.  Apart from the occasional appearance on Jerry Springer, the only thing left for them is mostly abject misery.  It is a life of poverty and public assistance.  Lest you forget, since “Ms. Shake Yo Moneymaker” seems to be a Lil’ Kim wannabe, Lil Kim is….IN PRISON.  She’s a former drug mule and prostitute.  Further more, she has roughly the same sense of style as a Troll doll.  That’s a nice roll model for young people.  However, since she is your chosen roll model, I’d say take a lesson and change your life before you end up in the next cell over.   That certainly seems to be where you’re headed. 


5 thoughts on ““Hardcore Pimpin’ Chicks”

  1. I’d say she’s not having sex at all, but that she’s just saying she is so that she’ll have some imagined power and influence over her friends, by appearing to be more grown-up than them. I remember several people exhibiting similar behaviour in high school. They all probably lack self esteem.I didn’t watch the video clip, though. I object to quicktime on the basis that I just don’t like it. :p

  2. Okay this is one of that girls Stephanie’s friends.And I don’t see why you have to bring me AND my boyfriend into this.We are not lesbians and don’t have “3 ways”And I don’t see why you’d post that kind of stuff that’s just messed up.That’s slandar against all of us!And I don’t see why you have to write all those mean things about Stephanie.And she was not bragging about being with 3 guys.And all she did was kiss them;; she didn’t go any farther than that.You shouldn’t gossip about  people you don’t know.And Kodie told me this is suppose to be a comedy website?Well I don’t find any of that funny at all.Jessica.

  3. okay i dont know who your talking about but i know it isnt me.you obviously dont know half of the story or you wouldnt be writing this ridiculouse crap.i never showed off about making out with anyone .i wasnt even the one who told her and when she asked me i didnt even give her details.and about the “lesbian pics” dont even go there because you must be a real homophobe to call a hug or a kiss on the cheek “lesbian photos”. now i know your only trying to protect your friend but she gave me a long talk about maturity.making fun of someone half your age isnt mature.and as for the “3-way ” with my friends boyfriend,i really think you’ve got to be completly nuts to think that a kiss on the cheek is a 3-way.i didnt even actually kiss him.if you read as much as you wrote stupid crap about people you dont even know, than you would see that it says right under the picture that i didnt actually kiss him.and while we’re on the subject of maturity how old are you and why do you still have a xanga? sounds to me like you have alot of time on your hands..
    Writing about how you THINK complete strangers will end up in 10 years doesnt really do you any good and i’d appreciate it if you would take this off since most of it is an EXTREME exaggeration.

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