Sundae Bloody Sundae

Now in addition to being sued over having coffee that’s actually hot, McDonald’s is being sued over having served a “bloody sundae”.  A patron is claiming that her son was made ill by a sundae.  According to her version of the story, an employee cut his finger which bled into the sundae.  According to the store manager, strawberry syrup probably clogged up in the machine.  Certainly not attractive, but not harmful either. 

Now, my question is this – would any of you let a child consume something that apparently had blood in it?  If you were the child in question, would you still eat the sundae? 


One thought on “Sundae Bloody Sundae

  1. I very much dislike this litigatious culture that has developed in recent years. It seems to just be encouraging people to abandon all common sense, personal responsibility and, in some cases, morality by handomsely rewarding them.

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