Incarcerated In-DUH-viduals

This one comes to us from our friends down-under. Most of you have figured out that I most blog about the antics of my fellow humans. Typically, this is state-side since that’s where I live. However, I have no issue with pointing out the oddities of human behaviour wherever they may be found.

This link is to an article about a man who lost enough weight to squeeze out of his prison cell and escape. Now, a judge ruled that this man was “too mentally ill to stand trial”. Frankly, I have a hard time swallowing that one for a couple of reasons. First off, he’s obviously smart enough and mentally together enough to engineer and carryout a successful prison break. He lost enough weight in a matter of weeks to be able to squeeze out between the bars & bricks of his prison cell and leave pillows in his bed so that he wouldn’t be missed. This shows an amazing amount of resourcefullness, logic, planning, etc. In short, it demonstrates all the characteristics of being mentally competent. Secondly, if he’s too mentally ill to stand trial, why is he in a prison? Why isn’t he in a mental institution where he can be treated until he can stand trial?