New Law – In-DUH-viduals in Action

Further proof that you have be senile to be in Congress.  A new law just passed prohibits posting annoying comments anonymously.  It fails to define annoying.  Ok so now I can’t post anything annoying on my Xanga site or on a message board, since this is pretty much anonymous.  Frankly, I find the law annoying and Senator Specter even more annoying for 1) dreaming this POS of up and 2) shoving it down our throats by attaching it to bill called “Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act”  Now this bill is supposed to chock full of goodies that will protect women and reorganize the DOJ to better fight terrorists. 

Sadly, thanks to sentors like Senator Specter, this has been de-railed.  It has become a vehicle all kinds of tidbits of reprehensible legislation wrapped up with a few minor provisions so that it looks good to the folks back home.  Now, I don’t know how they do things in Pennsylvania, but I will say that it’s probably a good thing for Senator Specter that he’s not a senator here.  Hopefully, the good people of Pennsylvania will recoginze what a looser they’ve sent us and take him back.  I’d say take him back to Wal-Mart and get a refund, but that’s too high class for him.  I don’t think the dollar store gives refunds.  Heck, I don’t think they even do exchanges.

You mean we can’t have a USENET flame war but the dirty rotten spamming BFA’s can fill up my Inbox with spam??? WTF?????  You can thank Senator Arlen Specter for this particular little tid bit of genius.  Now Senator Specter is from the lovely state of Pennsylvania.  How the cradle of democracy gave birth to this in-DUH-vidual is beyond me!  In lieu of his legislative genius, I am hereby renaming him Senator Dumbass.  If you’d like to write this Senator Dumbass, just click on this link and it will take you to his webform.  Please feel free to drop him line and let him know what an annoying POS he is. 

Let’s take a quick peek into my spam folder.  I’ve had email for ages and the same email address for a really long time, so I get all kinds of spam, espeically since this email address has been used on USENET (that’s newsgroups to you newbies).

Let me see…Morgage companies trying to get me to refinace my home (which I don’t own, BTW), an offer from a company for a free estimate on having my kitchen remodeled also for the home I don’t own, purportedly free plane tickets to Las Vegas, offers for car loans, Monique poses in the rain, 100% Legal Drugs, OEM Software, and about a gazillion porn spams with various subject lines far to offensive for me to list here.  The only that don’t actually contain offensive words expresses a concept that I find to be so offensive that I want to run my brain through the dishwasher.  “Barnyard” and “Lovin'” just are NOT meant to appear in the same sentence. 

Now, all of these things annoy the crap out of me.  I dumped my spam folder about three weeks ago and  I’ve already got more than 3000 spams.  Once I wade through the rest of my Inbox, that will probably climb to closer to 4000 spam messages in the last three weeks.  In that same three week period, I’ll have gotten about 400 legitimate email messages to that address.  Since my spam to legit ratio is 10:1, I find any and all spam to be annoying.  Why don’t you do something useful about that Senator Dumbass?


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