Wierd Holidays

Did you know that today is “National Step in a Puddle
and Splash Your Friend Day”.  Yep, that’s right, you’re supposed to step in a puddle and splash someone today.  I guess mud is now the “new roses”, since the MBA is “the new bachelor’s degree” and brown is the “new black”.  Now there are only a couple of problems with this idea:

  1. I work just outside downtown and I really don’t want to get beaten up by the stiff suits downtown for actually attempting to carry this out.
  2. There’s a dought here.  It hasn’t rained at all in at least two months.  Things are so dry, in fact, that we have fire warnings and burn bans all over.  Thousands of acres, scores of homes, and even a few people have all burnt up. 
  3. I would consider being splashed an agressive act and I really don’t think we need a holiday that encourages agression, particulary something passive/agressive like stepping in a puddle to splash someone.