Groups of In-DUH-viduals

I am sooooo in the wrong line of work.  These folks spent a serious amount of money to make some umbrellas operate robotically in time to “Singin’ in the Rain”.  Now, stop laughing, I’m serious.  Here – there’s even video of this dubious event for you skeptics.

First off, isn’t the whole umbrella/Singin’ In the Rain thing more than just a little cliche?  Secondly, how do I get a job doing this stuff?  I’m stuck doing stastical reports and building graphs of crap.  Well, it’s not really crap, but the sample sizes are so small I can barely get an average, much less a standard deviation.  I’ll let those of you who know less about stats google on those two terms.  I’d much rather be rigging up “dancing umbrellas” for a living. 


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