Adult In-DUH-viduals

This is one is NOT for children, but I had to blog about it since it’s just so….so….well…bloggable.  Somethings, when one encounters them, are just simply mind-boggling and require a paradigm shift in order to accomodate their existence.  In this case, the item is just so very odd that I can’t really understand why someone would want one. 

This one is really priceless.  It’s the new and improved “Clone-a-Willy”.  I’m not entirely sure what I find to be more disturbing – the fact that there is obviously a “classic” Clone-a-Willy or the fact that someone felt the need to improve upon it.  Seriously, who sits around and dreams this stuff up?????



3 thoughts on “Adult In-DUH-viduals

  1. Obviously, it’s a Valentine’s Day thing.You make a mould of your hoo-hah, leave it upright in the middle of the prospective (unwitting?) partner’s desk, with a ribbon tied in a big, fat bow around its girth, some flowers and a small card. NOTHING quite says “I love you” more than a big (hopefully), chocolate willy.Brian: Ewwwww.

  2. I think I am gonna hurl this morning….the whole parent thing is just TMI…
    Personally, I think this would make a fine “gag” gift for ones “d*ckhead” boss…ROFL!

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