In-DUH-viduals in Action

Well, now, my local radio station has provided me with my fodder for today’s post.  My husband and I were laughing so hard that we almost wrecked the truck.  They take religious idiocy to a whole new level. 

These in-DUH-viduals have decided that they will force the end of the world.  How, you may ask, do they plan to do this?  Well, these super-geniuses have supposedly obtained Jesus’ DNA.  What does that have to do with the price of oil in Dubai?  Well, they’ve supposedly cloned Jesus and implanted a fetus.  Once the fetus is born, it will be the second coming of Christ and hence, the end of the world.  According to these nutballs, we’ve all got about 7 months left since the gal is supposedly two months along. 

What group is this?  They are the Raelians and among other things, they claim to be in communication with the aliens that genetically engineered all of us.  Now, if they engineered us, then they are “god”.  If they are “god” that means Jesus is an alien so we’re cloning an alien to force the end of the world and humanity as we know it.  I personally find this so amusing that I plan to follow their progress to see what happens.  I just LOOOOOOVE doomsday prophets since they are never, ever right.