Stupid People

This morning on the way to work there were four elderly couples on the train, all sitting more or less in the same area.  One of the couples was black, one was white, and the other two were jewish.  I tell you this because you’ll need the background to understand what happens.

The black man, in an effort to make conversation looks at one of the jewish couples and says, “I hope you had a nice holiday.  Did you have a good Christmas?”  The two jewish couples become visibly angry at this and one of the men proceeds to lecutre the black man on “respecting Hanukah.”  In an effort to calm the man down, the black man reaches over and puts a hand on his shoulder and says, “Hey, man, I didn’t mean to upset you.  It’s all good.”  To which the elderly jewish man turns around and says, “It’s not all good!  You touched me! Take your hands off me, you unclean gentile.” 

The black man is understandably offended and turns to the other elderly couples, “Are you jewish too?”  One of the women nods and begins explaining about keeping kosher and not touching people that aren’t kosher.  The black couple still isn’t very happy but it’s a bit more understandable for them.  Still, they decide to get up and move so that they’re now next to the plain old white folks, who actually had the nerve to say that they didn’t want “negras sitting next to them to chit chat.” 

That’s about the time I’ve had my fill with all the b.s on the train.  So I look over at the jewish folks, “I don’t keep kosher, but I’m not a gentile either.  Still, if this is how you act, no wonder 6 million of you got slaughtered.  Who wants to deal with your attitudes all the time?”  The “plain white” elderly couple starts snickering so I nail them too, “You give white people everywhere a bad name.  I’m guessing  that  leveling your house means moving the car jack.  Just show up in a white hood next time so we all know what you are upfront.”


One thought on “Stupid People

  1. It’s just mind boggling how uncivilised people can be! You would think that, by now, as a race, Humanity would be able to get out of this short-sighted, overly defensive tribal mentality where everyone who is not the same as them is the enemy.Good for you for ticking those people off! They deserved it!

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