Welcome Back!!!

Well, Christmas is over.  The nativity scene was the sight of great hysteria (for it’s owner) and massive amusement (for me).   Now, on to the daily post.  Here’s an interesting link for you.  Apparently being in an unhappy marriage shortens women’s lives.  The side effects of a bad marriage include impaired immune system, depression, and even heart disease.  They say that these effects are worse for women because women are “more sensitive to hostility than men.”  Guess what else –  and this is a quote from the article “Women’s ratings of the behavior are much closer to the outside
observer’s codings of hostility than men’s,” she says. “Men simply
don’t see it.”

DUH!  Tell us gals something we don’t know!  You guys got a research grant to figure that out?  Man, I am sooo in the wrong line of work. 


One thought on “Welcome Back!!!

  1. Welcome back to you, too. I hope your Christmas was a good one. :)Now to the topic at hand:-I think an unhappy marriage impaires the health, and lifespan (significantly, if sufficiently unhappy.), of both of the people in that relationship. Sadly, this could easily be avoided if either of them have the ability to recognise what’s going on and/or the courage to end the relationship.

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