Slutty Clothing

It has been brought forcibly to my attention that many rather young ladies have decided to dress in such a way as to attract male attention.  Normally, I wouldn’t have a problem with this.  If you want to walk around looking like a garden implement, that’s your business.  The problem with this is that many of these girls are far too young to realize what it is that they’re doing. 

We recently had a cheerleader camp for junior high girls.  These girls are 11-13 years old and they’re walking around with “Juicy” on the back of their shorts.  Tell me that isn’t going to give someone a wrong impression.  I’ve also seen a lot of girls this age in very short skirts.  Many of them are short enough that they need to be combing both places.  This gives off the impression that they’re a) older than they really are or b) been “around the block” more times that they really have been.  I seriously doubt that these girls are sophisticated enough realize what kind of a message they’re sending. 

One of my mother’s friends has a daughter that’s only 9.  The child’s mother continually buys her low cut tops, even though the child has nothing to fill it with yet.  She also buys her short-shorts and rather short mini skirts to play in.  Unless you’re rasing a junior stripper, why dress your child like that?  Get the child some reasonable clothing and let it be a child.  There will be time enough for the low cut, short, tight-fitting clothing once the girl is old enough to understand what to do with it. 


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