Men – Fashion Victims Too

I was outside having lunch with a co-worker when this happened.  It was so priceless that I nearly choked on my sandwich.  We have a rather sheltered courtyard that has big tables in it and steps that lead up to ground level.  It’s actually rather pleasant there.  A young man dressed in the “baggy pants” style was chatting to someone on a cell phone at the top of the steps.  He was rather agitated and pacing a lot, which caused his pants to slip even further.  About the time he was read  to hang up the phone, four young ladies exit the building and head up the steps.  The first three looked at him in disgust and kept moving, leaving him to finish up his cell phone call.  The last one to pass him taps him politely on the shoulder.  The look on his face was priceless – he was so happy that a fairly attractive female had stopped to speak with him.  He was so devastated when all she did was point to his slipping pants and flounce off.

Frankly, it’s called “under-wear” for a reason.  Knowing that you have on striped boxers is waaaay too much personal information.  On the other hand, if you’re dressed like that, I suppose I should be happy you’re wearing underwear.  *Sigh*


2 thoughts on “Men – Fashion Victims Too

  1. In my city, the problem isn’t so much baggy pants, but more hole-ridden pants. I guess huge holes that reveal “waaaay too much personal information.” Honestly, it’s better than my last town where guys wore their wranglers so tight that you could actually see the hairs on their legs. Okay, so I’m exaggerating, but still!Brian

  2. Ewwwwwww….I’ve seen those and unless you’re…ummm….how shall I phrase this…super-impressive…it’s just gross. By “super-impressive”, I mean that the…uh…package is larger than the belt buckle.

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