Curler Etiquette

Since the weather is rather chilly here, I thought I’d add to this post. After riding to work on the train this morning, I feel the need to bring this up.  Now I’m not going to name names here to protect the guilty, but you know how you are.  There are certain things that one checks before leaving the house.  You know what I mean.  You have to make sure that you don’t have toothpaste on your face, or that your shirt is tucked in, or that your shoes are tied. 

Let me tell you girls something, you also need to make sure that you get those big stupid pink curlers (or any other color for that matter) off your head before going out the front door.  Putting a scarf over it doesn’t fool anyone.  All that does is make you look like the Elephant Man with an oversized, lumpy head.  Those kooky little turban things aren’t any better.  That just makes you come off as Granny The Elephant Man.  You don’t go to work in your bathrobe and you shouldn’t go to work like that either.

Wearing your ski cap over curlers is just plain wrong. Aside from the fact that you look like a circus freak,  it really isn’t becoming in ay shape or form.  I know that you don’t want hat hair but that means you need to find an alternative ‘do for those days.  Perhaps a nice french braid, pony tail, or just a simple hair band.  Whatever you choose, just take those curlers out before you leave the house.  

That said, not wearing the something over the curlers isn’t really any better.  Honestly, no one wants to know what you have to do to your hair to have “a good hair day”.  Ultimately, we’re talking biology here.  Women use hair (other stuff too, but that’s for another day) to attract a mate.  I cannot think of a man who is attracted to hair curlers.  (Ok, I have a couple of gay friends, but their attraction to hair curlers has more to do with a desire to use them on themselves than viewing them on a prospective significant other.)  Most men run from the sight of curlers, curling irons, make up, etc.  The end result will generally get their attention, but my experience has been that men find the process off-putting.  The bottom line here is that no one wants to know how you torture your hair in to the perferct ‘do every day.  It’s one of those things that’s best done in private, like peeing. 

If you do take the curlers down, brush that mess on your head out before you leave the house.  Walking around with big, lumpy curler shapes all over your head is only marginally better than actually wearing the curlers in public.  It makes people wonder if you are too crazy, too lazy, or too stupid to know that you should brush/pick/comb your hair out after you take the curlers down.  It takes all of about 10 seconds to at least run your fingers through there to fluff it out into some semblace of natural hair.


One thought on “Curler Etiquette

  1. Big, pink hair curlers? Phwoar!!!Can’t get enough of that 1940’s house-wife look. All those people need to do now is to wear a long apron, hold a rolling-pin in a menacing manner with a “piss-me-off-and-I’ll-show-you-who’s-the-Elephant-Man” expression on their faces to complete the look.Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

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