Snow Days

Well, coming home last night was lovely.  The biggest problem with living in Texas is that this happens so infrequently that no one is really prepared for it.  Now, what is it you may ask?  “It” is the freezing weather, sneet (snow + sleet), and id10t drivers. 

Unlike many Texans, I own a complete set of tire chains for my vehicle.  At the first sign of truly inclement weather, I head up to the local home improvement store and toss a few bags of sand in the bed/trunk of whatever I happen to be driving.  Once I get the wieght distributed over the rear axel, I’m pretty happy.  If I need them, I put the chains on. Between the chains, the sand, and some common sense, I can most always get where I’m going.  Mind you, I’m not setting any land speed records doing this.  With the chains on, 20MPH is pretty much top speed.  I’m slow but I get where I’m going without ending up in a ditch.  That’s better than a lot of others can say for today.  The city of Fort Worth announced that they had already worked 2200 accidents before 10a.m. this morning. 

See, this is the part where where the id10T drivers come in. While I’m not afraid to get out and creep around cautiously, not everyone shares my approach.  There’s always one di@&head that thinks that since his car will 80, it should do 80 on the ice too.  I know because I was slammed into by this id10T a few years back.  Since then, I’ve become a lot warier of my fellow driver.  This is one reason that when the weather is really bad, I prefer to take public transportaton, namely the train.  This has several advantages

  • I’m not stuck in traffic.  The train tracks run by the highway and I can usually point and giggle at the poor sods stuck in the traffic jam.
  • I can work on my laptop while I’m on the move.  Our local transit authority is planning on rolling out wireless access to the train next year.  All I need now is a power plug.
  • No fear of id10T’s on the train.  If they want to play chicken with the train, let them.  They’re almost guarnateed a Darwin award.  Your 2000 lb car doesn’t stand a chance against a 20,000 lb loco pulling five 15,000 lb cars.  Go ahead and pull out there.  It will result in a net IQ increase for population earth. 

All that aside, it took me nearly two hours to get home.  My normal commute is about 45 minutes.  The door froze open on the train, so the train operator had to wait at the station from someone to come fix it.  Finally, the repairman arrived and started working, but in the meantime, we’re all huddled at the other end of car freezing, since it’s about 18 degrees F or about -8 C for those of you on the metric system.  Add a hefty windchill (-1F or -18C), and you can see why were huddled up like penguins.  Now, instead of having a snow day to go play, I’m home sick.  To top everything off, we’re down to the last roll of TP and I’m almost out of Kleenex, too.  I’m just glad that we have plenty of Ramen soup.