DOH! Moments

While I normally post about American DOH! moments, I’m not opposed to posting anyone’s DOH! moment if I find it to be amusing.  This one comes to us from our friends in Ireland.  Further evidence for my theory that stupidity knows no boundaries.


2 thoughts on “DOH! Moments

  1. From what I can tell a truck is lifting a car out of the water, loses its balance and then both car and truck fall in to the water. Then a second truck comes along, attempts the same task and suffers the exact same fate.While it was clearly a fantastically stupid idea of whomever was in charge of the truck company to attempt the manoeuvre again with exactly the same kind of truck as the recently-submerged (aaand inhale!), I am somewhat curious as to how such a proportionately small car can topple two large trucks like that. The absorbed water must’ve increased the weight of the car significantly.

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