More House Hunting

I’m frustrated with my husband.  The only requirement I can get
out of him for a house is that the brick should not be red.  He
doesn’t understand what makes a property desirable or undesirable.
 He’s a total id10T about property.   Understand that I find
this to be incredibly frustrating because he’s normally such a sensible
and intelligent person.  This departure from his usually manically
logical take on things is..well..disturbing. 

Undertand that the following should be colored by the fact that I have all the tact of a Sherman Tank.

Me:  I wish you’d participate more in the process of deciding which houses we go look at.

Him:  I don’t care as long as they aren’t red brick.  I hate red brick.  

Me:  If we find the right house for the right price, even if the brick is red, we’re buying it.  

 Why?  Those houses by the creek were nice and they weren’t
red brick.  (Houses we had looked at the week end before)

 Creek in middle and both houses on either side of creek  are
for sale after FEMA classified 100 year flood.  

 DUH!  Didn’t it strike you as odd that both of the houses on
either side of the creek as well as one that backs up to that creek
further up the street are all for sale now and that all 3 of them just
came on the market within 2 weeks of each other and the rains?

Him:  No, why should it?  They’re cheap!

Me:  And this is exactly my point.   

is one of those times I want to take him back and ask for a
refund.  The problem is that I don’t think the dollar store
gives refunds.    I
know that I’m no real estate expert but I know when to be suspicious of
cheap houses all sitting within 300 yards of each other on the same
creek right after a flood


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  1. There will always be something you don’t like about your significant other. No way of avoiding it except to make a clone of yourself… and even then, I’m sure you’d even get tired of yourself after a while.Brian

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