House Hunting – Part One

having my normally intelligent and sensible husband turn into a drooling idiot
and dealing with The Weazel (my name for our realtor), I’ve become frustrated with the whole
credit/lending process and to top everything else off I’ve discovered that The
Weazel appears to be using me to do his research.  Here’s the thing, I
might be wrong.  Please feel free to point out an errors in my logic.

When we first started this process, The Weazel told me that I could use their
web site to keep track of the houses that we were interested in.  I took
him at his word and starting doing research and keeping notes on their site.
 However, it seemed like every house I had something nice to say about
sold instantly.  I saw one house that wasn’t even on the market for 3 days.

So, being the geeky type that I am, I wrote an application to track my notes,
created a database to house them and  posted all this behind a password
protected page on web site I own.  Now I can do my research with out The
Weazel being any wiser.  Surely, if I am being slightly paranoid about
“the good houses” selling so fast, this will not change.  They
will still sell just as quickly.  

Lo and behold, The Weazel is being, well, a weazel.  Not only did the
houses stop selling sans my research being posted into The Weazel’s web site,
but as a test I marked a couple of other houses that were not desirable at all to see if they would sell.
 It’s either a miracle, I’m psychic, or something is up, because they sold rather
quickly as well.    Just so you know, houses here are typically on
the market a year or more.  Seeing a house sell in a matter of days is
unheard of.  

This was about the time The Weazel acquired his nickname.  I suspect that
he left a nice cushy job at a used car lot in order to get into real estate.