More In-DUH-viduals

I have a dear friend who recently took on a puppy a couple of weeks early.  Since he’s really not biologically ready to be weaned, I suggested that she bottle feed him as a supplement to his dry food for a couple of weeks.  Having rasied many litters of puppies, I’ve done my fair share of bottle feeding pups.  Sometimes the female has too many puppies.  Sometimes a couple of the pups are so big that they hog up all the resources and won’t let the smaller pups nurse.  There are a variety of reasons to bottle feed pups.

In this case, the mother has more pups than teats.  This means that the runt of the litter is getting especially short shrift.  Because of this the breeders are anxious to place some of the larger pups early.  My friend, being anxious to get her new pup, took them up on the offer.  She asked me what you bottle feed pups.  I told her to find some bitch formula.  Female dogs are technically termed bitches and bitch formula is their freeze dried milk.  Like human formula, it’s mixed up and given to the young to supplment or replace the mother’s milk.  So she bops off to the local feed store and asks for this.  Mind you, this is what is been called for decades in every vetinary and farm supply catalog on pretty much the whole of planet earth.  Only recently has it been called puppy formula or dog formula. 

She gets a dirty look and a small lecture from the woman running the store about using correct terminiology.   Hrumph!  If the woman at the store only knew….