You folks know who you are.  You suck the joy right out of life for everyone around you.  Your stubborn insistence that anything that you personally don’t agree with is bad is beyond annoying to the rest of us.  Most people are just too polite to tell you so.  Frankly, I’m offended that your decision not to celebrate is imposed on me.  If you don’t want to have some fun, that’s not my problem.  When you start telling me that I can’t have any either because you don’t approve, I take issue with it.  How long will it be before you start burning books because you don’t like them either?  How long after that will be before you start expecting me to conform to your religious ideas? 
  We ran into this at Halloween.  We had one family who came to our door and were somewhat surprised because they got a bit of a short shrift from us.  While they came to our house and remarked on how much they liked the Halloween decorations (which we work hard on – see the post about the Chillipops), they hadn’t let their children dress up for the occasion.  They brought them by in a minivan without their friends and wearing street clothes.  When I asked the  parents why the kids didn’t have costumes, I was informed that “we don’t believe in Halloween.”  Who asked you to believe in it?  Who, in their right mind, thinks that people come back from the dead?  Now their children are missing out on a part of their childhood because of their parents foolish insistence that everything be sanatized. 
  Now that the Christmas season is upon is, yet another goodie-two-shoes is out to spoil the fun.  We’ve been informed that we can’t up the Santa decorations because Santa is an anagram for Satan.  We’ve also been informed that we can’t have a Christmas tree because that’s a pagan symbol, as is the Christmas wreath.  We can’t have lights because those are replacements for candles and that’s pagan in origin too.  Nevermind that all of this is coming out of a person who bragged about having an Easter Egg hunt for her grandkids.  For those of you who know anything about religion, ALL of the “christian” holidays were co-op’ed from the pagans, complete with the symbols.  The bunnies, the chicks, the eggs, the whole thing at Easter is pagan to the core.  Now that Halloween and Christmas have been stripped of all their joy, what holiday will they pick on next?
  Some of my favorite childhood memories are  from both Halloween and Christmas.  I remember getting dressed up and going house to house in search of “the good candy.”  My childhood is not all that far passed (ask my husband), and I can recall my mother making sure that I had fresh batteries in the flash light, a sufficiently roomy pillowcase to hold the goodies, and a quarter to call from the pay phone if I needed her to come get me.  A group of us would meet and set off in search of Hershey bars, Sweet Tarts, Pixie Stix, and other assorted tasty items.  I even remember being so far away from home that we had to ask someone to call one of our parents to come get us because we didn’t know how to get back.  In the excitement of chasing “the good candy”, we had lost our way.  No one worried about ending up on the back of a milk carton.  It’s hard to believe that it’s such a different era now.
  I also recall the excitement, as a child, when we’d go out and pick a tree.  Just the smell of a fir brings back a rush of memories.  I remember getting it home, and my father taking it out to the backyard to trim the bottom and get it in the stand.  My mother would be busy dragging out the decorations, and sorting through them to see what would go on the tree this year and what would go back in the box.  I remember decorating the tree – first the lights, then the ornaments, and then the angel on the top.  I remember decorating the house too – a big wreath on the door and lots of lights up all over, so that Santa could find us.  Then on Christmas eve, we’d leave out milk and cookies for Santa and oats for the reindeer.  I remember running in on Christmas morning to see what had been left under the tree for me.  Our family photo albums are full of photos of us kids parked under the tree surrounded by mounds of toys, boxes, and wrapping paper. 
  How can you want to deprive your children of these things?  Where is the harm in any of that?  Am I, somehow, a lesser person because I derived joy from those things as a child?  Am I, somehow, a lesser person because I want to pass these things on to others?  I fail to see anything evil in any of it.