Gay Marriage Banned In Texas

Before you start fuming at me, I was for letting them get married…and divorced…and paying child support…and alimnony…and bickering over the community property…and all the other crap that goes with being married or getting un-married. 

Sheeh, so they want to pick out china patterns?  Let them!  Wanna get two tuxes or whatever and have a service?  Let them!  Wanna buy a house together?  Let them!  Wanna adopt children?  Let them!  Wanna save for retirement together?  Let them!  Guess what they’ll be doing in about five years?  You guessed it!  Getting a divorce.  I only say that because that’s about the average life span for a marriage in Texas. 

The new list looks like this:  Wanna get lawyers and fight over who gets the house, car, and savings account?  Let them!  Wanna have a custody battle?  Let them!  Wanna duke it out in court over who gets the alimony check?  Let them!  They can be miserable like the rest of us poor saps.  Misery loves company.  Why should they get to have all the free-wheeling single-esque fun? 

See, there’s thing in Texas which is called the “Domestic Partner”.  It’s a special thing, only for homosexuals (male or female) so that they can add their live-ins to the insurance, etc.  You might even have seen the recent “Drawn Together” episode about this very issue.  Straight people, even ones who have been together for years, aren’t allowed to do this. 

Correct me if I’m wrong, but our founding fathers wrote “All men are created equal.”  No where does it say anything about some people being more equal than others.  Isn’t that supposed mean that no one is special?  Now to me, that means that gay folks can get married and us straight folks can have domestic partners.  Fair for one means fair for all, right?  Noooo….apparently they’re more special and we just voted to keep them that way.


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