DOH! Moments

I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not, but here in Texas we
recently had a death row inmate escape from a jail in Houston.  He
had a friend pretend to be his lawyer and swap clothes with him so that
he could bluff his way out of the jail.  He flees to the next
state over, Louisana, where he proceeds to get drunk and get arrested
at a liquor store.  When the police arrived at the store,
he starts bragging about his identity.

Now, first off, how did you find someone stupid enough to swap
clothes with you?  Surely you have know if you’re sitting there in
his orange jumpsuit, while he makes his escape, you CANNOT be far off
from obtaining one of your very own.  I’m thinking
that the friend had a DOH! moment about the time the
guards showed up to return this in-duh-vidual to his cell.

Secondly, how smart can you be to only flee about 2 hours away
before getting sopping drunk and bragging about how you’ve just escaped
from prison?  I suspect that his DOH! moment waited until he
sobered up and realized that he’s back in custody. 

Thirdly, doesn’t anyone scan the exit doors?  Casinos hire
people to watch the entrances and exits, scanning for
“undesirables”.  If a casino can do this, why not a prison? 
I’m thinking that the guards had a DOH! moment when they realized that
they’d waved this goofus past them. 

The really sad part is that this person is obviously not all that bright and he outsmarted the prison system.  DOH!


One thought on “DOH! Moments

  1. I used to live in Huntsville (where there are about 10 or so prisons). I’m moving back there in a few months, but that’s beside the point.Overall, I’d have to say that the guards do a pretty good job at making sure things run smoothly. Sure, there are a few times when things don’t work the way they should… but that’s one mistake out of maybe… 10,000. I’m pretty sure that you can’t just memorize every prisoner’s face, being that there are usually several thousand prisoners at each prison. So, I wouldn’t place the blame on the guards or on anybody, actually. This guy was just desperate to get out, so he found a way.Brian

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