God Hates Trailers

This was just on the news.  I have to comment, in my usual twisted fashion.  Apparently, God hates mobile homes.  A multi-state tornado just hit and (DUH!) the worst damages are at a trailer park.  If you live in “Tornado Alley”, you may as well paint a target and “Neener!  Neener!  Neener!  Betcha can’t hit this!” on the roof. 

Now, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Betty Jo, in her housecoat, hair curlers, and big pink fuzzy slippers, “Yeah, it were a bigun.  Sounded jes like a train.  Blowed everythang ta (beep) ‘n back.  Lookie, thar’s our bed, and over thar’s our toilet.”   


One thought on “God Hates Trailers

  1. I live in a trailer after being a condo/home owner for 12 years. My trailer is 1600 sqft, with a better R-factor (energy efficiency) than any hous . 8-9′ ceilings, huge bathrooms, gigantic yard. It was under $25k, and life is better than my old mortgage+taxes days. It also freed up nearly $220k in equity I wasted in my house.Tornados don’t scare me. 🙂

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