I had surgery on my ankle in May of this year and spent most of an entire month off work.  I spent two week at home flat on my back with my leg elevated.  To quote my doctor, “The only place I want you going is to the bathroom.”  I spent another two weeks in a big steel and velcro thing, hopping around on crutches. 

I finally make it into a walking boot and get back to work.  When I arrive, the guys I work with take one look at the thing I’ve affectionately nicknamed the “Frankenboot”, and asked when our director’s colonscopy to retreive my other shoe is scheduled.

Just as an aside to the whole process, those walking boots really suck.  First off, there is not a pair of shoes on planet earth that is the same height as those walking boots.  Your whole stride is off.  It’s like wearing a platform shoe and sneaker.  So you give someone who’s already having trouble walking a boot to make them lurch around more????  Secondly, they’re heavy!  So I’m going to strap a weight on my injured limb and lug that around.  Riiiiight……