Gender Specific Bathroom Habits

Here’s a link for you – 41 Things to Do in the Men’s Room

Reading this, it occured to me that a great many of these things simply wouldn’t work in a Ladies’ Room.  It never occured to me how different and gender specific our habits are.  I know that guys always look at us funny when we go to the bathroom in a pack, but you need someone to make sure your skirt isn’t stuck in your pantyhose before you walk back out. 

For example #1 – Introduce yourself to the person at the next urinal. 

First off, it isn’t that uncommon to talk to another woman in the bathroom, even one you don’t know.  Secondly, what urinals?

Then there’s # 4 – Stick your head over an occupied stall and ask for the time.

I don’t know about men’s rooms, but the woman would assume that you really needed to know the time and answer your question. 

Frankly # 9 – Pour a bucket of water over an occupied stall. – would result in physical violence. 

# 18 – Put on a hand puppet show underneath the stall next to you. 

The people in the stalls next to you would only assume that you had a small child with your since women always seem to be the ones to take the kids to the bathroom, regardless of the child’s gender.  Frankly, I don’t see why little boys are allowed in the women’s rooms.  Guys, sound off, wouldn’t you think it odd to see a little girl in the men’s room?