Lawenforcment L4m3rs

This one is sad and stupid.  I can’t beleive that the Mesquite Police Department is such a bunch of l4m3rs.

This is an actual story that has aired on our local news broadcasts.

News Headline – Man kidnaps baby at gunpoint. 

During the story last night night the baby’s maternal grandmother was interviewed.  Here’s what she had to say:

“What did she expect?  She called him up and said that she was going to leave the baby on the curb.  Then she told him she was hitting the baby and he needed to come it get it.  If he’s any kind of a man at all, of course he’s going to come get the child.  What was she (the mother) thinking?” 

Seen on the same news channel this morning –

“The Mesquite Police are still seeking the father on aggravated kidnapping charges along with his current girl friend and female accomplice.” 

Not seen anywhere –

“Mother is being investigated for making threats against the child’s life.” 

Question of the hour – What is CPS doing about finding a safe place for this child so that the father doesn’t feel the need to kidnap it in order to protect it?