Weird Questions for the Universe….

Observation #1:  Wearing high heels is bad for you.  It causes mis-alignment problems in the feet, knees, ankles, hips, and back.  Wearing heels, particular those taller than one inch can cause a variety of long-term health problems.  They cause things like bunions, joint degeneration, arthritis, foot deformities, back pain, and neck pain. (Yes, these are medical facts.  No, I don’t make this stuff up.) 

Observation #2:  When high heels were originally introduced, they were worn by men.  Since they were some what useful (due largely to the sanitary conditions of the era), women took up the custom.  Men discovered that the heels caused problems and stopped wearing them.  Women, for what ever inane reason, have maintained the practice.

Observation # 3:  In order to avoid having back and neck pain, certain portions of the female anatomy need to be supported.  Futhermore, and this one for all you gals who like to “fly free”, if you don’t want your girls hanging out with your bellybutton by age 40, you’d best wear the bra. 

Given the observations above, why, in the 60’s when women were “liberating” themselves, did they burn the bras and keep the heels?